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Budget British holidays

10 June 2009

James and Alison usually holiday in Tenerife, Spain or the Balearic Islands.

As they sat down for their dinner this past spring bank holiday in the brightly lit family restaurant at their destination, the sun was shining and the air was warm.

But this time they had not chosen a foreign sandy beach but an English getaway: a budget British holiday.

"I just searched the internet and just looked for the best deal" says Alison. The couple decided to spend less on their weeklong getaway, James said.

The credit crunch may have slackened somewhat, as news stores carry stories that the property market is being revived and people with jobs relax about their positions, but the affordable staycation is still big news.

Alongside this, caravan holidays are booming.

Operator 118 118 says that calls for caravan and camping sites rose 40% in December and January whilst enquiries to hotels and B&Bs are down.

Spokesperson for Towergate Bakers, Paul Havenhand says, "Holidaying in this country seems to be appealing to more and more of the public, as there are still worries about the credit crunch and also the strength of the Euro 'may put people off going abroad'. It is pleasing to see that caravanning in the UK is becoming increasingly popular."

Story from, Budget British holidays: do they work?, 29 May 2009

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