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Tips and advice - Touring caravan insurance

17 February 2010

Top 10 tips for touring caravans

1. Regardless of whether you have spent £2,000 or £20,000 on your new touring caravan, it is important for you to find the right insurance cover to suit you. You will need to take into account if you are towing outside the country, whether your car insurance covers you for towing and if you have the right accessories.

2. Security? Do you have the right security to stop your caravan from being stolen? Security starts from a simple wheel clamp or hitch lock to a tracking device or an axle wheel locking mechanism. The tracking device will let you know the exact location of where your caravan is if it should ever get stolen.

3. Maintenance - the best way to get the most out of your caravan for the longest period of time is to look after and maintain it. Simply by just washing your caravan will help improve its appearance and by doing this you will notice any faults or knocks that you otherwise may never have noticed. Also where your caravan is stored will impact the caravan.

4. Touring season is almost upon us but before you go out after your break from caravanning you will need to give your caravan a thorough look over to check tyre pressure, oil and other items that may have been affected by lack of use of your caravan.

5. Planning ahead - if you know you are going away this can give you time to organise everything you need, such as planning the most ideal route not necessarily always the motorway (and don’t always trust your sat nav!), checking your spare tyre, checking arrival times for the sites so you don’t arrive and they are not letting caravans in the site until a certain time.

6. Travelling outside the country - if you are planning on going abroad in your caravan you will need to check your insurance and how long it covers you for outside of the UK. Also you might need to check if your caravan does break down what happens with regards to recovery. If you decide to travel further afield it might be an idea to familiarise yourself with the local driving regulations e.g. which side of the road you should be driving on, speed limits, road signs, toll roads, correct currency etc.

7. Facilities on the park - when booking your destination it may be worthwhile checking what facilities your park offers, some may offer electricity and running water as standard but this may vary from park to park.

8. Be prepared - you might have booked a week somewhere where you're expecting the weather to be sunny for your whole trip and then it starts raining and doesn’t stop. So be prepared and be flexible, throwing tantrums will not help!

9. Ensure that everything is packed away safely because if you go round a sharp corner and your tins fall out of your cupboard that may damage your surfaces. Another oversight is your roof lights, if you forget to close these then it may snap off and cause you to have to make a claim or have to replace.

10. Last but not least have fun! Caravanning is a fantastic experience which can be enjoyed with the whole family. Wherever you go there will be places to visit and things to do so enjoy yourselves and have fun!

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